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Our Leadership

Mr Thomas K X

CEO and Founder

Thomas K X Is the CEO IT park enterprise related to Information Technology and business, in the Village of Udayamperoor near the famous Udayamperoor Synod church(Sunnahadose Palli) in Ernakulum district. He was an L D Clerk in the Kerala Health Services Department of Kerala for 23 years contributing in a small manner to the development of the Kerala health care model. He was born on sixth September 1952 to Mariam Xavier and late K T Xavier. He had always been passionate about learning new things and his parents although they had financial problems encouraged and supported him too. At the age of 9, when his Family’s financial condition was bad he started helping his dad by helping him with tailoring.

He passed the tenth standard with the lead position I in his school and got admission to the science group at Saint Paul's College Kalamalassey, Ernakulum, for further studies. But had to discontinue due to hearing impairment, he took Pre Degree through private registration in Kerala University. He joined in Kerala Health Services Department as L D Clerk on merit. He retired from service on 30/09/2007 at the age of 55 years. He started IT PARK on 19th May 2008, a new enterprise-related to information Technology and business, in the Village of Udayamperoor. The firm was undertaking computer Assembling, Service of computers and sales of consumables and accessories of Computers and is still continuing the work.

He always states that it was his positive attitude which helped him overcome hardships of life. His advice and support have helped many of his family members and community to find jobs and to overcome poverty. He has maintained celibacy throughout life and is much against alcohol addiction. He has visited many places including Thirupathi temple and Srilanka and is looking forwards to visit more places after COVID 19crisis over. Last September he visited Himachal Pradesh Dharmasala to watch 20x20 Cricket match. The hobbies are the love of sole traveling, Cricket, and passion for social work. 

When Covid19 started he saw it as his humanitarian responsibility to provide protective equipment to people in his village. Using his tailoring and organizational skills he has manufactured thousands of masks in his village. He has asked for a license from Panchayath and if it is granted plans to increase the production of Masks. He is very proud of practicing the Sanadhana dharma of our country.  He is a well-respected business person in his area with a lot of friends from different aspects of life including Bishops and politicians and there are many who seek his advice. Now he lives Udayamperoor in Ernakulam district with utmost peace and harmony with his mother who is in her nineties. His message to the young generation is to be certain that, positive thinking and hard work will bear its fruits and you will succeed in life.

Construction of my house was first started, by my father in 1967. Due to the tough living conditions, he could not complete it. Even construction of doors and windows was left pending which reduced safety. Non plastered walls were another problem that provided a safe place of hiding for insects and bugs. The plastering of the walls was completed in 1974. Since my father left for heavenly abode in 1988 the responsibility of this house was entrusted on me and I completed construction of this house. My brother and sisters have separated their own homes currently me and my mother is only staying at this house. I am fully satisfied and happy living in this small house which looks like a heritage home to others. All friends note that our official house name is KOCHUVEETTIL that means small house.

His message to the young generation is to be certain that, positive thinking and hard work will bear its fruits and you will succeed in life.